why am I so short

I walked in I saw my glass of water on the table. as I walked towards it, I notice it had been tampered with. I thought that maybe chase was pulling off one of his weekly pranks since he hasn’t had one yet and after all, it was Thursday. as I took a sip of the mysterious drink I noticed the note on the side that said “your actions have consequences, tony”. as I read it, I realized the bucket of water above the closet. this indeed was not Chase. as I realized my mistake, I also realized that I started to shrink. as I grew smaller, I noticed a pair of pink fuzzy sunglasses and a card that said “I told you so” …

Week 4 Challenge

As I came of the bus my grandma was waiting for me at the bus stop and she saw I had a sad face after I can to her she asked me ” what’s wrong sweetie?” she asked with a worried look on her face. “we just had a test today that I didn’t study for, and I got a bad grade on it.” I said about to cry. ” Aw its okay sweetie” she said as she gave me a hug, ” I have something for you in the house.” she told me as we were walking in the house. As we got in the house she told me to wait in the living room, as I waited she came back from in her room and gave me a small and dirty box. ” what’s this?” I asked. She looked at me with a smile and told me to open it, As I opened the box inside was…Glasses. “Umm… what are these for?” I asked with the sound of disappointed in my voice. “Put them on.” as I put them on nothing happened. I looked at her confused “Nothing is happening.” I told her. she had a notepad in front of her and wrote down math problems. ” Now I want you to look at this problem and tell me what you see.” She told me. I looked at her with a confused face them looked back at the notepad, then something weird happened I… I could see the problem broken down into steps in the glasses.” WHOA I can see the math problem broken down into steps I can understand!” I told her with a surprised expression on my face. She looked at me and laughed. “Yes you are right these glasses is what helped me understand the math work when my teaches couldn’t explain it to me int the way I can understand.” she told me. ” THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!” I said to her and ran into my room at see if it can help me with my homework.

Week #4

One night I was walking at night around 10 o clock and while i was walking i glace and I saw something else pink and i looked back and it look like glass with pink fur around it so when i picked it up it was what i thought it was which was glass with pink fur around it. So I went home and showed my mom and asked her if she wanted them because i didn’t. She said yes so she wore them EVERYWHERE she went. Everyone was asking wore she got them from she started to become famous about the glasses because how pretty they were

Week 4 100 Word Assignment

One day when I was working at my designing job it was creation day. We would have a group of 5 and we have to create anything and we would have judges see which one was best. Me and my group decided to make pink furry sunglasses. When we decided what to make we knew what are first task was and that was to get pink fur. I went to a farmy area and found a pink sheep. I had to get it to calm down so i can shear it. I got sunglasses and added fur to it and we completed are assignment. We also won 1st place.

The Glasses

This morning i went into my sisters room because she asked me to get her water bottle for her. I went upstars into her room and went to look for the bottle. In the corner of my eye i saw something pink and furry. I continued looking for the bottle because i dident care at first. I found the bottle and went back down stairs to give it to her. I asked her if i could use her charger and she said yes so i went back to her room and looked for the fuzzy pink thing.